This was an assignment done for class that either had to be a loading screen from a game (that we may or may not made up) or a book cover. I usually have better luck creating book covers but I wanted to jump out of my creative bubble and try creating a loading screen illustration. I don't really play many games but I knew that I wanted a fantasy creature and/or a gun-weilding heroine as my main subject. ​​​​​​​
These are some of the thumbnails I drew up on Procreate. Since I wasn't basing my stuff off of any real game, I decided to be a little ambiguous with the illustration. I didn't want to get too busy. The main ideas I went off of were a mid-shoot sort of scene, so that the loading bar would be the bullet going across the image, and a theme that seemed sort of western but also fantasy.
So I went with thumbnail #6 because I really liked the idea of the snake swirling around the background and being coiled around the person shooting at it. This was the first sketch and color pass. I wanted some muted colors to unify the whole image. I just went with what felt best without getting too flashy too early. I'm still working on Procreate.
After getting the color I added some snake skin textures and made sure that the edges wrapped around the forms. I used Photoshop and Corel for this stage.

This is the final pass with some additional shading. I really enjoyed this project. After the semester is over I'd like to get back to this and tweak around with it some more.
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