Similar to my previous 1PT assignment, I also had to draw a 2PT illustration.
I decided on a family-friendly cafe because I have a great love for cool food establishments. 
Deciding the lighting for this particular illustration was difficult.
I had many structual lines and boxes, which didn't make plotting hard.
I guess the struggle I had was that I didn't know what time of day I wanted to convey.
The picture below is a scan of the lighting I ended up choosing.
Which was local from the cafe, during the night. 
I usually use the CG spectrum of my Copics for my grayscal illustration but I ran out of ink. I ended up using Warm colors instead. I knew I could fix the color in Photoshop so it didn't bother me completely.
I think my favorite part of this illustration was the neon sign I created. Actually, I really like all the "glow" effects I made. If I had to criticize myself, I'd say that I could have plotted shadows better and made my marker streaks smoother. 
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